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Our F.A.Q

  • What are the business hours?
    Official business hours are Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm. We will agree in the Strategy Call when the best times to keep in contact will be. Although we may be in different time zones, I will make sure that it does not impact our relationship, communication or the work I complete for you.
  • How are payments processed?
    Retainer clients are invoiced automatically on the same date each month that the contract was signed, and for the agreed priced based on the agreed package and hours. Upon signing your contract you will be receive an email with the link to secure your services. Tasks will not be started until the invoice has been paid. All payment are processed via Honeybook.
  • How do I share passwords safely and securely?
    In order to safely and securely exchange passwords, I use Lastpass. I would like to request that you set up an account so that we can exchange passwords. Please use to share your passwords.
  • What can you expect as a retainer client?
    I suggest that we have a monthly contract/statement of work review so that any updates can be made as necessary. This will be added to our joint calendar as a meeting, using Zoom. We will then agree any changes that need to be made. The contract/statement of work will then be issued to you to sign.
  • What kind of Project Management tool do I expect to use?
    If you have a project management tool in place we can discuss it during our strategy call or I can create a Project for your business via ClickUp. I will send you a weekly summary report to update you on the progress made.
  • Do you have a referral?
    I love getting clients through referrals, so as a thank you for telling your friends about me and my services, I would like to give you a $60 credit towards my services or a $10 Amazon Gift Card, per person who signs up.
  • What is the refund policy?
    When you buy a package from me, I commit to having enough time available to serve you and your requirements. My commitment to you affects how many other clients I can take on, so for that reason, I do not offer refunds on unused hours or allow unused hours to roll over to the following month.
  • What do I do if I need to reschedule a meeting?
    Time is valuable to the both of us, so in the event that you need to cancel or re-arrange a meeting, I request 24-hour notice via email. I will also honour this, as well as ensure that I turn up on time.
  • How do you track your time?
    My years of experience and skill set have given me the tools to be efficient and effective with my work. I do not charge by the hour because I have found that I am able to accomplish more for you when I do not have to track my time. My focus is entirely on your work and not watching the clock, therefore I do not track my time.
  • What communication tools will we use?
    I use Zoom for all my meetings with you and your team, and Slack for communications within my business hours (unless previously negotiated to use outside of business hours). Email will be used to update and sign contract and Statement of Work, and where Slack cannot be used. I respond to emails within 1-2 business days excluding holidays and weekends.
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